Love Tragedy Rhetorical Structure Ludruk Madura


Badrih, Moh. Love Tragedy rhetorical structure Retno Wulan. Thesis Study Program Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Graduate Program, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Prof. Dr. H. Imam Syafi’ie, (II) Prof. Dr. Maryeni, M.Pd.

Keywords: structure, rhetoric, ludruk, Retno Wulan.
The rhetoric used on the show has spread and shift ludruk verbal or oral rhetoric which only focuses on lectures and speeches. This concept is one route expansion supreme talents of man, namely the ratio and tastes through language as the ability to dialogue that is displayed in ludruk.
In addition, as an effort to persuade the public rhetoric is used not only live in the realm of production but also in the sphere of consumption. Ludruk staging rhetoric aimed at hearing moved to consume what is conveyed by the cast in any dialogue or panampilannya. As persuasion, according to Kenneth Burke route is identified, according to Rene Girard is mimesis or imitation of the ‘model’.
Relation to the matter in advance, the rhetoric has a substance which aims functional. Barrett said that “at least trying to be effective users of rhetoric, to get answers, be a man, recognized, heard, dishahihkan, understood and accepted “. Thus the purpose of rhetorical interaction is the basis of common place in a successful relationship.
Based on the above description of this study to formulate the problem as follows, (1) how the structure of the idea of love Retno Wulan ludruk tragedy?, (2) how the structure of exposure to the tragedy of love Retno Wulan ludruk?, and (3) How language structures Retno Wulan ludruk tragedy of love? To answer the above questions this study uses a qualitative approach because the data obtained based on the description contained in the tragedy of love Retno Wulan ludruk is qualitative, namely lyric diction and not a number.
The results showed that in the love tragedy ludruk Retno Wulan (1) there are structures of ideas that include (a) propositions, namely propositions single compound proposition, the proposition of universal affirmative, universal negative proposition, particular affirmative proposition, and particular negative, (b) argument, and (c) reasoning, (2) based on inter-sentence kebertalian there is exposure to the structure, namely (a) cohesion in the form of reference, deiksis, substitution, elepsis, conjunctions, and lexical relations, and (b) coherence which can be viewed on the principle of interpretation, and analogy, (3) in addition to the structure there is also exposure to language structure, covering (a) the diction in the form of nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, (b) sentences in the form of imperative sentences intransitive, transitive imperative sentences, imperative sentences fine, sentence imperatively demand , imperative sentences demand and expectations, imperative sentences ban, omission imperative sentence, interrogative sentences, and sentences ekslamatif, (c) the style of rhetorical language in the form of alliteration, asonansi, anastrof, apafasis, apostrophes, polisindeton, kiasmus, eufemismus, litotes, histeron proteron, redundance, prolepsis or antipasis, aroteris, hyperbole.
It can be concluded that the tragedy ludruk Retno Wulan love the idea of propositions contained structure, arguments, and reasoning, whereas exposure in the form of structural cohesion and coherence are kebertalian. In addition, there is language in the structure of word choice (diction), sentence, and style of language.
Based on the findings of this study, some suggestions are expected to increase the percentage and quality of rhetorical structure. Suggestion that is (1) can be used as the referent to broaden the field of rhetoric and literature, (2) can be used as a reference to enrich the knowledge and solve various problems, especially the language of communication rhetoric Madura, (3) can be a reference to examine the culture (spoken language) in the field and other cultures, (4) should be a handle to teach in a comprehensive study of rhetoric. So the study of rhetoric is not only focused on the sample lectures and speeches, but also on oral literature such as ludruk.


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